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The Rockford IceHogs, Chicago’s affiliate in the American Hockey League, had their share of turnover this summer. Some familiar names depart for other opportunities, to be replaced by the hope of fresh prospects.

I will be sending weekly reports from the jewel of Winnebago County throughout the hockey season. Before the Hogs drop the puck on their regular season, I’ll be back with a more finite look at the roster once everything shakes out at Blackhawks training camp.

For now, though, I thought I’d get my mind back on hockey by taking a look at some of this summer’s activity and how the little piggies could look when things start to get serious here in a few weeks.

Jump on the tractor and let’s tour the old homestead, shall we?

Everything Else

The Rockford IceHogs, AHL affiliate of the Chicago Blackhawks, have struggled on the defensive end to start the 2015-16 season. Coach Ted Dent must have pushed the right buttons at practice prior to this past week’s action. The Hogs were stingier and have won three straight games because of it.

Rockford bested Centrals Division foes Iowa, Chicago and Milwaukee in Week 3 of the AHL schedule. The IceHogs are 4-3, good enough for fourth place in the eight-team division standings.

It was a big week for Rockford. As well as getting back above .500, the IceHogs made a move that should provide the veteran leadership a young team will need this season. It was also a big week for rookie center Tanner Kero.

Everything Else


The Rockford IceHogs are preparing to finish up their longest road jaunt of 2014-15. So far it has been a productive one with the Hogs taking five of six points in their first three games of the trip. Rockford bested Adirondack and Hamilton on Thursday and Saturday before losing a shootout to Toronto Sunday afternoon.

Everything Else

Before we get to the prospects roundup, a couple quick things. First, please go vote. Even if you don’t think it affects you, there are local questions and races on the ballots around the place that will. And it feels good.

Secondly, we haven’t talked about it much here and I know everyone in the hockey fan world is doing everything they can to not think about or mention meetings between the owners and PS starting again today. I think it’s ok if you want to be cautiously optimistic. Cautiously. There’s no way that Steve Fehr and Bill Daly would have had that long of a meeting Saturday totally off the reservation. It’s a pretty safe assumption that they were in touch with their fearless leaders about what was going on. That doesn’t mean when more people get in the room it won’t be a complete balls-up. But I don’t think anyone’s going to be surprised by what they hear in that room either. And that they’re not going to talk to the media after means they’re more prepared to actually talk instead of posture. No guarantees, many miles to go before we sleep, but I’m not going to tell  you to forget it this week either.

Ok, to the kids!

Everything Else

Right, let’s move farther down the organizational totem pole….wouldn’t that be a great pickup line? “Hey babe, you wanna move up the organizational totem pole?” Actually, that would be awful but kind of funny. Kind of like, “Hey, let me put my plus into your minus.” Or “Why don’t you come back to my place so I can overload your box?” Ok, now that’s over. Anyway, what did the kids get up to this weekend?

Shall we start as always in the Q? Sounds good.