Beard Of The Day

We’re nothing if not superstitious on this site… so since the Hawks won with my choice of Willie as BotD, I’m back for another game day beard. And if the Hawks want to keep this silly little thing going and delay their inevitable demise, they’ll need play their strongest game possible. Can’t rely on Crow to steal every game, even though it may just be their best strategy at this point.

Now when you’re talking strong, we might as well pick possibly the strongest man to ever walk this earth- Hafþór Björnsson. He is best known for playing The Mountain on Game Of Thrones (and by the way, how cushy a job is an acting role where you never say anything and then for half your scenes your face is completely covered by a helmet. Only thing better might be third string QB). But Hafþór got his athletic start playing basketball before an ankle injury pushed him into focusing on strongman competitions. He recently set the world record with a 501kg (1,104.52 lbs for us dolts not using the metric system) which is simply a mind boggling amount of weight. I guess he’s also now preparing to box the guy who was the first to lift 500kg. That’ll be ridiculous.

Speaking of ridiculous… Hafþór is also the owner of a ridiculously cute little dog. Enjoy!



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The most cardio I’ve done in years!!#TimeForPizza #Asterix&Obelix @asterix_astrikur

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Beard Of The Day

Among the several traditions we’ve fallen ass backwards into over the years is using this space not only to recognize some of our favorite character actors, Kings of “Oh, THAT guy”, as well as to give an official SKY POINT to those that have left us in the only forum we really have. So with that said, today we recognize Powers Boothe, one of the all-time hardasses in cinematic history.  While more often than not clean shaven or mustachioed for his more notable roles – Curly Bill in Tombstone, VP Noah Daniels in 24, Cy Tolliver in Deadwood– when so inclined his beard was full and lustrous. Boothe died in May of 2017, hence the reason for not being able to properly recognize his passing until now, and the MacGruber television show simply won’t be the same without him. But the important thing is that we get to say “….well……BYE” officially.

Beard Of The Day

*Blows dust off keyboard*
*Cracks knuckles*

Yeah, OK. I still remember how to do this… for the most part. Or well, we’ll see if the whole thing doesn’t crash in flames around me.

This series hasn’t gone the way the team has hoped though sadly, the way most of us pretty much expected.  Outcoached, outgunned, out of time. But there’s at least hope for a little bit of life this evening and if there’s one man who you can never fully count out, it’s the Red Headed Stranger. Our guy has been broke, beaten, down on his luck, sick, or in legal trouble (pay your taxes, kids) more times than anyone should have to face in one lifetime. Take inspiration where you can find it.

Or just start drinking already. Forgetting is the nature of our flight


Beard Of The Day

Had Brian Cook only been the bassist for the wildly influential but short-lived hardcore outfit Botch (only two full length studio albums in 98 and 99), his status in the scene of heavy music would have been cemented long ago. But since then he’s been a part of other outstanding acts such as These Arms Are Snakes and metal supergroup SUMAC, but most recently and most notably, he’s been the bassist for Chicago’s own Russian Circles (yes, their name comes from THAT skating drill). Cook is also a pioneer in being one of the most prominent openly gay voices in the genre, where diversity and inclusion haven’t always been two of its hallmarks. And while all but one Russian Circles song have absolutely no vocals, they aren’t really necessary to convey what the band is trying to express in their punishing yet extremely melodic riffs, so they make for the perfect soundtrack for a day after getting resoundingly stomped.