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Beard Of The Day – August 18 – Hafþór Björnsson

We’re nothing if not superstitious on this site… so since the Hawks won with my choice of Willie as BotD, I’m back for another game day beard. And if the Hawks want to keep this silly little thing going and delay their inevitable demise, they’ll need play their strongest game possible. Can’t rely on Crow to steal every game, even though it may just be their best strategy at this point.

Now when you’re talking strong, we might as well pick possibly the strongest man to ever walk this earth- Hafþór Björnsson. He is best known for playing The Mountain on Game Of Thrones (and by the way, how cushy a job is an acting role where you never say anything and then for half your scenes your face is completely covered by a helmet. Only thing better might be third string QB). But Hafþór got his athletic start playing basketball before an ankle injury pushed him into focusing on strongman competitions. He recently set the world record with a 501kg (1,104.52 lbs for us dolts not using the metric system) which is simply a mind boggling amount of weight. I guess he’s also now preparing to box the guy who was the first to lift 500kg. That’ll be ridiculous.

Speaking of ridiculous… Hafþór is also the owner of a ridiculously cute little dog. Enjoy!



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The most cardio I’ve done in years!!#TimeForPizza #Asterix&Obelix @asterix_astrikur

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