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Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight – October 11th

First-Screen Viewing

Jets vs. Predators – 7:00

Because hockey is weird, the Blackhawks are currently leading the Central, but we all know it’s supposed to be one of these two teams meeting tonight. And in short order it probably will be (but hey, let’s enjoy it while it lasts). Anyway, the Predators got exactly what they deserved following their ridiculous “banner” raising the other night—I put “banner” in quotes because that regular-season conference champion shit does not a banner make—and the Flames beat them 3-0. And they got goalie’d in the process with Academy Award nominee Mike Smith making 43 saves. Meanwhile, the Jets eked past the Kings and have so far had a wobbly start, but there is enough known talent there that you’d think they’ll break out soon. These teams both could use this win, and the outcome has implications, however slight, for us too.

Second-Screen Viewing

Avalanche vs. Sabres – 6:00

Going heavy on the Central Division here, but this is an interesting matchup (hear me out). The Avs’ top two lines are good, there’s no doubt about it, despite the team’s performance as a whole in the first and third of their game on Tuesday (dumb penalties and such). Watching them is worthwhile in itself, but even more so when going against Buffalo’s version of their Special Boy, Rasmus Dahlin, plus Carter Hutton throwing an unsustainable .943 SV%. Is this the night Hutton comes back to Earth? Let’s find out….

Other Games

Golden Knights vs. Penguins – 6 pm

Capitals vs. Devils – 6 pm

Sharks vs. Rangers – 6 pm

Oilers vs. Bruins – 6 pm

Blue Jackets vs. Panthers – 6 pm

Kings vs. Canadiens – 6:30 pm

Maple Leafs vs. Red Wings – 6:30 pm

Canucks vs. Lightning – 6:30 pm

Flames vs. Blues – 7 pm

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