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Thanksgiving, NHL-less Viewing Guide

Whenever the NHL gets back to the PA on their offer today and it’s in anyway worth our time to talk about, I’ll return this afternoon to do so. But until then, what’s on offer for you to watch this holiday weekend?

Wednesday Night

Bulls v. Rockets – If you really need to see Omer Asik turn into the player he couldn’t here and sweat a lot, and how much Jeremy Lin actually sucks. Because he does.

Thanksgiving Day

NFL Tripleheader – I mean, it’s part of the tradition now. You avoid talking to the members of your family you don’t like (i.e. all of them) by watching football. And for once, the NFL has tossed three at-least-decently-interesting games at you, with Texans-Lions, Skins-Boys, and Pats-Jets at night on NBC. We’re working on getting a webcam installed at Chez Killion back East so we can see how the balance between watching RGIII and having dinner as a family gets sorted out. We’re guessing a lot of thrown objects.


Sorry, not much here. Some college football, some non-Bulls NBA. Maybe you should go see your friends or something?


College Football – Rivalry weekend. Michigan-Ohio State is the only college game I ever make time to watch. Auburn-Alabama could be a thing and important. Notre Dame giving the golden shower to USC is on at night. But really, whatever.

College Hockey – Only Michigan v. Cornell as MSG is available for you this weekend. Sorry. Well, that and if you have the dish you can get Minnesota v. Vermont as well and watch Justin Holl thrash about on the fourth line.

Bulls v. Bucks – Zzzzzzzz….


Bears v. Vikings – At least they return to Sunday afternoons again after two weeks away. But after Monday….duck.

Ok, that’s it for me. If nothing breaks, you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and we’ll reconvene here when it’s necessary. Could be Monday, could be later this afternoon.

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