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Everything Else

I’d like to think this will be the second to last one of these I have to do. But I’d like to think a lot of things. If it isn’t, I probably will be hooking up a hose to my car’s exhaust anyway and there won’t be one next week, so I guess there’s a chance this could be my last one. Anyway, you wanted the best and they didn’t fucking make it, so here’s what you get…


Bulls v. Heat – Of all the stupid things a large swath of Bulls fans think, the idea that you’re somehow a traitor or an idiot for thinking Lebron James is close to must-see TV might just take the cake. While I try and not wade into the argument of whether he’s the best player ever (and I think you could make a pretty convincing argument that he is), I think there’s little argument that he’s the most unique. A man that size, that quick, that flexible, able to guard and play all five positions, it’s astounding. The only other guy who could claim to guard and play all five spots that I can think of is maybe Magic Johnson, and he wasn’t nearly as quick or as explosive at James and certainly not nearly as interested in defending. Even to a basketball-agnostic like me, I find it staggering to watch. Anyway, you should get a decent two quarters here before the Heat are up 40. If they’re interested.

Everything Else

I should have been clearer with this in previous versions, but these weekend guides are for you to discuss whatever you want in them. Anyway…

Friday Night

Bulls v. Pistons – I’ll admit I totally forgot the Detroit Pistons still existed. Do they really, though?

Michigan State v. Notre Dame (Hockey) – This one’s on NBCSN, and you can use the time to take a look at Stephen Johns if you’re so inclined.

Minnesota v. Colorado College – If you have a Dish you can get this one, and these are two top ten teams at the moment.