Everything Else

Whenever the NHL gets back to the PA on their offer today and it’s in anyway worth our time to talk about, I’ll return this afternoon to do so. But until then, what’s on offer for you to watch this holiday weekend?

Wednesday Night

Bulls v. Rockets – If you really need to see Omer Asik turn into the player he couldn’t here and sweat a lot, and how much Jeremy Lin actually sucks. Because he does.

Thanksgiving Day

NFL Tripleheader – I mean, it’s part of the tradition now. You avoid talking to the members of your family you don’t like (i.e. all of them) by watching football. And for once, the NFL has tossed three at-least-decently-interesting games at you, with Texans-Lions, Skins-Boys, and Pats-Jets at night on NBC. We’re working on getting a webcam installed at Chez Killion back East so we can see how the balance between watching RGIII and having dinner as a family gets sorted out. We’re guessing a lot of thrown objects.


Sorry, not much here. Some college football, some non-Bulls NBA. Maybe you should go see your friends or something?


College Football – Rivalry weekend. Michigan-Ohio State is the only college game I ever make time to watch. Auburn-Alabama could be a thing and important. Notre Dame giving the golden shower to USC is on at night. But really, whatever.

College Hockey – Only Michigan v. Cornell as MSG is available for you this weekend. Sorry. Well, that and if you have the dish you can get Minnesota v. Vermont as well and watch Justin Holl thrash about on the fourth line.

Bulls v. Bucks – Zzzzzzzz….


Bears v. Vikings – At least they return to Sunday afternoons again after two weeks away. But after Monday….duck.

Ok, that’s it for me. If nothing breaks, you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and we’ll reconvene here when it’s necessary. Could be Monday, could be later this afternoon.

Everything Else

Yeah yeah, I know all about it. Basketball’s boring and played by a bunch of lazy gangstah-rap wannabes. I’ve heard it all before. Most of what I hear from hockey fans about basketball is crap, some of it is not. Whatever. We still have to fill in the time, unless you really want to start going to all those movies and plays with your significant other and I know you don’t. And none of the other options we’ve discussed here come in the four major sports — though the day is coming, and sooner than we think, when MLS is considered more of a major sport than the NHL. But the Fire bit the dust last night anyway so there’s another fucking gap we have to fill in.

So let’s just do this and be done with it.

Everything Else

Figure we should keep the Hogs’ exploits separate from the rest of the kiddies. And that’s partly because they’re probably¬† not going to be as uplifting as reading about Phillip Danault or Broadhurst or the others. It’s been a stuttering start for the Hogs, and that’s being a bit kind.

One habit they’ve gotten into, which is detrimental to anything you want to accomplish, is blowing leads. They scored first in all three games they played this week, and yet only managed to win one. That’s not very good. They also love to take penalties, and dumb ones at times. But the combination of a pretty ferocious kill and some gymnastics by Carter Hutton have kept them from getting lacerated so far. The biggest injustice of the season is that the IceHogs’ only win came without Hutton in net, because he’s deserved it the most.

Everything Else

It’s our second NHL-less weekend, and before we get to what you can do to fill the time — though not with anything wholesome or actually useful because who the fuck wants to do that? — let’s try and clear up some of the gloom and doom.

You have to look past the publicity stunts that abound in this negotiation right now. And it’s all publicity stunts. As evil it was, you kind of have to marvel at how the NHL was able to turn the PR war on it’s head in the span of what felt like seven minutes. But walking out of a meeting after less than an hour isn’t going to help anything, and nor is having your barely literate union members take to twitter to try and nail themselves to the cross.

In the end, both sides have gotten to a 50-50 split, and both have offered to get there next year. They may argue how to and what comes along with it, and maybe those obstacles are bigger than they seem. But the NHLPA’s “3rd” proposal and the NHL’s last really aren’t all that far apart, considering where both sides started from. And while there won’t be any news this weekend most likely, just like there’s been every time they’re not actually meeting there will be back-channel phone calls and conversations, and that’s kind of where the real work gets done.

Anyway, the viewing:

Everything Else

It’s now officially our first NHL-less weekend. I won’t be navigating the fucking Red Carpet Ceremony trying to peddle Indians while suburban people look at me weird and the Ice Crew takes pictures on my spot. Oh how I’ll miss that. Anywho, what’s out there as alternates?