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Your Weekend Viewing Guide

It’s now officially our first NHL-less weekend. I won’t be navigating the fucking Red Carpet Ceremony trying to peddle Indians while suburban people look at me weird and the Ice Crew takes pictures on my spot. Oh how I’ll miss that. Anywho, what’s out there as alternates?

Friday: World Cup Qualifiers

For the most part they start right about now, if you’re into the whole European thing. If you’re into the South American thing, Uruguay and Argentina should be a thing. And the Yanks are in Antigua for a game that should be a 7-0 pasting but won’t be because they like to make things harder than they need to be.

Yankees-Orioles Game 5, Cards-Nats Game 5: With the Elephants of The Easy Bay sadly falling to the unholy force, Upton-stuffing monster that is Justin Verlander last night, my interest in baseball this season is merely to see the Yankees and especially the Cardinals bite the dust. My God, I will not abide the Cards winning the World Series with the three worst teams ever to do so. I can barely stomach that it’s already at two. Killion’s something of an O’s guy as he’s a local, and we all like it when Killion’s happy (though he’s currently binge drinking at altitude, I doubt he could spell his name right now). There’s a small part of me that wants to see the Giants lose only to piss off ShinKicker. But they’re already surpassing expectations so that’s probably not possible anyway.

Bulls Preseason vs.  Cleveland: Uh….?


College Football – Whatever.

ALCS Game 1 – Don’t know what it will be yet or where it will be yet. Tigers and hopefully Baltimore in Detroit for Game 1 would be preferable.

Wolves-Hogs: Hey, it’s hockey. The Rock River Bacon Bits kick off their season in Rosemont, and if you’re not going it’s on My50 which I think most everyone gets. I’ll be heading out for it, so if you are too hit me up on the tweets or whatever and we can bound together to fend off the creepy suburban Wolves fans — even though I won’t be any garb or rooting for anyone I just want to watch hockey. Really what I want to see is Nick Leddy resembling Bobby Orr at this level.


NFL Football – It’s a Bears-less weekend, which always kind of suck. But it means you can totally veg out on RedZone for six hours, and that ain’t bad. There are some tasty games though. Lions-Eagles, Patriots-Seahawks, Giants-49ers, and the Texans puttin’ their foot up the Packers’ ass sideways so they gets their cheese pop out at you.

Wolves-Hogs Round 2: This one’s on some weird, back-alley Comcast channel, so you might have to go online or out there for this one. It’s at 5.

ALCS Game 2 and NLCS Game 1: If this ends up Detroit-Baltimore and SF-Washington, Bud Selig might hang himself. And that might be good for the sport. But probably not. Let”s root for that though. The match-ups, not Bud hanging himself. He can stick around I guess. He hasn’t had a work stoppage in 18 years, so he can’t be all bad.

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