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Game Time: 8:30PM Central
TV/Radio: CSN, Channel Formerly known as Vs, CBC/87.7FM
Schlafly Drinkers: SLGT

Here we are coming off the Blues best game of the series and the Hawks worst but yet we also saw the Hawks eek out a win, largely on the back of one Corey Crawford. After just barely getting a desperately needed win, there are still plenty of questions up in the air. Fels did a great job of covering most of them surrounding line up changes and other ideas in his post yesterday. There were some glaring and some minor issues we saw on Monday night so the question now is, will Q do anything to address them?

The answer, of course, is no. No he won’t.

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Nikolai HarveyBirdman’s return to the red sweater’s was just about what we expected from these two teams, except I didn’t realize he was sitting at 332 wins, meaning we were forced to listen to the “tree-turty-tree” nonsense before the game even started. The Hawks and the Isles traded the north and south game they both prefer to play. While the action swung from one end to the other with quick transitions and counterstrikes, it was clearly dominated by Chicago for much of the period. When the Hawks got on a roll, there seemed to be nothing the Isles could do but wait for the inevitable goal.

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 Faceoff: 8:30pm Central
Show Me One Night: Hockey Wilderness

Unlike last year, the Blackhawks now find themselves in an elimination game where they are the ones capable of sending a team off to their summer homes earlier than they’d hope. It’ll also be the first chance they’ve had at advancing past the opening round of the post season since the year they’ve brought home a bunch of hardware and a party that lasted all summer long.

The 3-0 shutout in last Tuesday’s game wasn’t exactly a dynamic effort but it still showed that the Hawks are capable of taking home a victory without really putting it all out on the table just yet. The Wild have started each of the games on a very strong note but the Hawks have been able to sit out the storm and even if they get behind, find a way to get back into it, even if that did take til just about the very end of regulation in Game 3.

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Well that wasn’t exactly what we expected, was it? Even in our preview of the game, we imagined that the Predators would come out hard to try and fight for their playoff dreams and the Hawks would have to fight them off desperately in the first. If the Hawks survived that barrage, they would have to make sure they drew first blood and then held on tight to survive the third, where all too often they seem to take their foot off the gas.

Instead, the Predators came out weak in the first and were thoroughly outplayed by the Hawks. The Hawks outshot the Preds 17-7 in the period but of course one sloppy pass led to a turnover and a tie game after one. The second was more of the same, as the Hawks outshot the Preds and carried the play but again found themselves in an even game after 40. The third seemed to be heading down a familiar road before Saad and Toews found the net to take the win. Patrick Kane adds to his point total to ice it and the Blackhawks find themselves the first team to secure a spot in the post-season for the year. Not a bad way to end the week.

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First off – You’ve likely already heard the news that both Jimmy Hayes and Jeremy Morin has been reassigned to Rockford this morning. This isn’t (or at least shouldn’t be) about their level of play in their time with the big club.

It’s more likely an indication that the roster is getting awfully tight. Michael Handzus is on his way to do whatever it is Michael Handzus is capable of doing. And the better implication is that Marian Hossa and Patrick Sharp are even closer to a return. Maybe tomorrow? Time will tell.

The bigger and better news though – it’s time for yet another road watch with your favorite degenerate functional alcoholics. No, not your Uncle Roger… us.

This Saturday we’re taking over the back room of Sheffield’s once again to watch the Blackhawks take on the Predators in the afternoon match up. As we did last time, we’ll be having drink specials from one of my favorite local breweries, Two Brothers. Buckets of Outlaw (check out them spiffy colors) will be $20 and all Two Brothers pints are $4. Come raise a glass or can with us.