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Every Time I Sit Around I Find That I’m Shocked: Blackhawks 3, Flames 1

Just one more game left in the regular season. Who else is ready for games to hold some meaning again?

Good, me too. Now for some totally random and incoherent observations.

  • Akim Aliu is one goofy skater. I guess it’s not that surprising considering he’s only been playing hockey for barely 10 years but to say he’s an unorthodox skater would be an injustice to someone like Brandon Bollig.
  • Michael Handzus is not exactly my first choice to center Patrick Kane and Patrick Sharp but he’s fit in pretty decently the last two games. Granted, it was against two powerhouses like Edmonton and Calgary but they certainly deserve a little longer look together. Especially when you think about how lethargic the line looked with Dave Bolland.
  • Bud Light Lime-A-Rita – Not nearly as bad you would imagine.
  • I was really hoping for my first DLR recap but Joey MacDonald had to go out there and not embarrass himself. Blaaaah. 
  • With another meaningless game tomorrow night in St. Louis, you would have to think that the majority of the IceHogs will dress. Meanwhile, Minnesota will be playing for their playoff lives in Colorado after getting destroyed on home ice against the vaunted Oilers. Columbus will be playing Nashville and Detroit takes on Dallas. A win for Detroit and they will avoid the 8th seed altogether. If Minnesota wins in regulation or overtime, they’ll be in. Columbus needs a Minnesota loss in regulation and any kind of result to move in. Does it matter who draws the 8th seed? I don’t know. All three teams possess a scary element of star power that can cause problems in a 7 game series. You could make a case for all the teams about why they’ll cause problems for the Hawks. You could also make a case for why the Hawks will dispatch of them rather easily. Either way, it will be fine. Deep breaths. This is the fun part and this is what we’ve been waiting for.
  • Not sure anyone else caught this this morning but Eddie O did an interview with the 97.9 The Loop morning show and one of the guys on the show (I’m assuming it was John Czahor but I’m not 100% sure) asked him an interesting question to close it out. He asked Edzo if he’s heard the perception that he’s more critical of Viktor Stalberg than other players during the broadcast. I can’t seem to find a link to the interview anywhere but essentially there was a lot of backtracking and “call like it I see it” talk from Olczyk. You could feel Eddie O squirming through the phone so obviously I loved every second of it.

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