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This one comes from hero of the people and at least our 15th favorite Irishman MightyMikeD. 

In ways, I’m blessed. I came to Blackhawks fandom at exactly the same time as things started to get really good. Therefore, while I’m familiar with the failings of worthless ex-Hawks like Adrian Aucoin and James Wisniewski, I only know them as opponents and have never had to choke back tears of rage as they fumble around in an Indianhead sweater.

Everything Else

Hawk Wrestler  vs.  Zakk-Wylde-by-Ivan-Chopik

FACEOFF: 8:30pm Central
CSN, NBCSN, CBC for you hosers, WIND 560am
Hockey Wilderness

Tonight for the first time we get to see how the Hawks bounce back from a loss in the playoffs. Whether it was tactics or effort or discipline, the Hawks get a chance to correct it tonight and for all intents and purposes end this series. Because it’s highly likely that if the Hawks take a 3-1 lead back to Fort Kickass on Madison on Thursday, that will be that.

Everything Else

In tonight’s Indian, as I listed the things that were not totally up to snuff through the first half of the season, I wondered if it was going to matter if it all. Maybe the Hawks had just fallen down the rabbit hole, and logic and reason and anything that made sense was simply not going to make a difference any more.

Well, here’s tonight for you. Phil Collins would probably tell you there’s something in the air.