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Room For One More – Scum vs Hawks Pre Season Game 1 Preview, Game Thread, Reconnaisanse Mission

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Game Time:  7:30PM Central
TV/Radio: CSN+ (ch 285 HD), no radio
Big Money Rustlas: WIIM, A2Y

If the lines around the block from the United Center of weirdos and the unemployable yesterday afternoon and evening for a scrimmage weren’t indication enough, hockey is back. At least it kind of is as the slate of pre-season dry humps kicks off tonight against the visiting Wings.

Predictably and hilariously enough, half of Scum’s roster is already injured, with Darren Helm and Pavel Datsyuk leaving last night’s scrum in Pittsburgh, Helm with a minor facial injury and Datsyuk with a shoulder injury that he had an MRI on today. So it appears once again that Mike Babcock will have to keep the whole rickety mess together with scotch tape and snot all over again as Ken Holland keeps trying to cycle in over-hyped farm hands and missing horribly on any kind of free agent signing whatsoever.

As for our Men of Four Feathers, two hopes have already been dashed of lending any kind of watchability for tonight, with Teuvo day to day on an upper body injury, and the dreamt of fourth line that was apparently highly productive in last night’s Red & White scrimmage, Morin, Kruger, and Smith, won’t get a further look in favor of Quenneville taking a look at grunts.

No, tonight will be an exercise in searching for a Bollig replacement, which is shocking because one of the filled port-o-johns from the construction site of the recently completed Bulls practice facility across Wood should have sufficed. But no, Brandon Mashinter, aka MANSHITTER, and Cody Bass will get the opportunity to take unnecessary runs at the opposition to get noticed, and ultimately serve no purpose in towards the long term goals of this team.

Regarding players that actually matter, this will also be the debut of the Saad-Richards-Kane second line, which while ill conceived is still light years ahead of Michal Handzus centering Patrick Kane in the “Good Ideas” department.

So with no Teuvo and no look at any kind of fourth line or potential defensive pairings that will matter, the goal is to just get out alive. Lets go Hawks?

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