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Beard Of The Day – June 7 – Steven Spielberg


It’s a Friday in June, and the Hawks have likely just arrived home after a pair of games in Hollywood. And nothing says “Hollywood”, “summer”, and “Friday” like a blockbuster motion picture. And nothing says summer blockbuster quite like Steven Spielberg and his wispy beard.

Spielberg’s 40-plus year resume of some of the highest grossing movies of all time, starting with Jaws in 1975 has made him one of (and arguably the most) decorated and bankable directors in the history of cinema. Whether it’s pure summer popcorn fare of prestigious Oscar-baiting films, Spielberg delivers the goods nearly every single time. And aside from directing, the number of projects that he’s in some way had his hands on is simply staggering, especially if you need gratuitous shots of people looking at things. And through it all he’s quite frequently had his varying facial hair configurations set to “beard”, as wiry and translucent as it has been since about 1985.

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