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Your NHL-less Weeked Viewing Guide

Just keep ’em coming. Before I get to the guide, I wanted to post this article from Soccernet with two owners from MLS. While there’s nothing too revolutionary here, it is refreshing to see transparency and communication be something that is valued. A lot of MLS teams work hand in hand with their supporters’ groups, which would be something that would make owners in any other league pretty much choke. Sadly, one of those owners isn’t here in Chicago, as the Fire don’t seem to have a great relationship with their fanbase.

But the NHL should tamp down the arrogance, because with more incompetent stewardship, MLS is going to be getting awfully big in the rearview, if it isn’t already. How did it get here? By expanding into the exact right markets, building a base with the dedicated fans in those, cultivating its own atmosphere and uniqueness, along with a couple other things. Maybe not this decade, but the next one could see the NHL totally usurped. And it would be exactly what they fucking deserve.

In fact, when the NHL finally wakes up and gets around to firing Gary Bettman for killing the sport, they’d do well to not look at plucking someone from the sports they can’t be, but from the one that is gobbling up the gap from the NHL to MLS. At least you might see something resembling innovative ideas.

Anyway, to the guide.

Friday Night

BC v. BU & Wisconsin v. Denver on NBCSN – That’s right, a college doubleheader for you in HD, and featuring two of the top three rated teams in that nation. Along with Minnesota and New Hampshire, Denver and BC have looked a cut above everyone else. BC-BU is about as fierce a rivalry as you’ll find, and the reverse game on Saturday is also on NBCSN. For Hawks interest, you’ll  have Kevin Hayes of BC and Paul Phillips on DU to scout if you’re so inclined. Nebraska-Omaha v. Minnesota is available for those of you with a dish, as is Vermont-Maine and Michigan State-Ohio State on Big 10 Network. So there is some hockey, if not the type you want. We’ll even post up a thread for the college bonanza, just to give you something to do.


SEC Championship Game – As stupid and insufferable as college football is, Georgia v. Alabama for the right to pummel Notre Dame in a month’s time is pretty tasty. Or at least it would be if it wasn’t for the dumbest component to college football that seemingly barely ever gets mentioned, and that’s the month off both teams get before the championship game. So that’s how you decide your title? A game between only-maybe the two best teams far from their sharpest? Wonderful.

76ers v. Bulls – It’s mediocre, non-mattering Eastern Conference basketball! Catch the fever!


Bears v. Seahawks – This one will be closer than it should be. In fact the Bears could totally find a way to lose this one.

Steelers v. Ravens, Packers v. Vikings – Only other two games on the docket that I can find that will be worth your time. But that’s what Red Zone is for, no?

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