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Weekend Roundup

We apologize for the interruption in service over the weekend. Naturally, the site is down during a the first game Patrick Sharp has played at center in five years. In any event, here are some observations from the weekend’s games.


  • Of course Jeremy Morin would factor into a Hawks (shootout) loss on Saturday. And the Hawks already presumably have fuck and all from that trade with Tim Erixon already playing his way into a scratch on Sunday, because Michal Rozsival has been so excellent in the 17 straight games he’s played. But none of that invalidates that trading Morin was the right decision.
  • Right from Jump St., the game in Columbus had the aroma of some of the season’s earlier exercises in futility (see Anaheim, Winnipeg) with Sergei Bobrovsky slamming the door this time. Credit the Hawks for getting a point out of a game that they have literally already lost twice this year, and in all likelihood should have been a tie anyway in a fair and just world.
  • Fucking hell are the Maple Leafs a garbage fire in their own zone. Whatever changes Randy Carlyle has made to their coverage haven’t done any good, probably because Randy Carlyle is an imbecile, and the proof is in the numbers. Maybe they can pry Cam Charron from his think tank to come down to the ice and teach the players something, it couldn’t hurt. Or maybe he’ll just whine about referee bias.
  • This is completely unrelated to the game that took place, but went underreported in the summer at the time of his hiring. Wunderkind assistant GM Kyle Dubas is an enabling piece of shit. 
  • For as much mewling as Toronto does about Nazem Kadri being in some malformed conception of “elite”, he was barely noticeable last night (as were most Leafs) against a real team. Is he a nice player? Sure. But the constant comparisons to actual top-end players is unwarranted until Kadri himself shows otherwise.

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