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Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight – Weekend Of February 8th-9th

Might be easier to just knock the weekend’s slate out at once, so let’s to it:

First Screen Viewing

Maple Leafs vs. Canadiens – Saturday, 6pm

I don’t like it anymore than you, but of this weekend’s offerings, the Auld Rivals from Up North is probably as good as you’re going to get. And with the way both teams are playing, it’s even better. The Habs took it to Winnipeg last night for their fourth win in five games, their eighth in 10, the Leafs have won four of five, and only a point separates these two in the standings, which means the world may finally get the Leafs-Canadiens playoff series they realigned 25 years ago to get. No really, that’s why they did it. With that in mind, this usually pretty spicy affair gets a little more ghost pepper.

Second Screen Viewing

Penguins vs. Lightning – Saturday, 6pm

The Lightning have gone into something like autopilot lately, trading wins and losses for the last nine games as they’ve run away and hid from the division and conference. You know when you get shut out at home by the Blues that your give-a-shit meter isn’t near the red. The Pens are still fighting off the Jackets and Islanders and Caps in the Metro, and suddenly there’s a big, red thing in the rearview from Raleigh. Losing five of their last seven isn’t helping their case. and suddenly things are getting a touch desperate in Iron City. The visit of Sid and Co. you would think would snap the Lightning out of their doldrums, if only for a night.

Other Games


Kings vs. Bruins – 12pm

Red Wings vs. Sabres – 12pm

Wild vs. Devils – 12pm

Avalanche vs. Islanders – 12pm

Ducks vs. Flyers – 12pm

Predators vs. Blues – 1pm

Jets vs. Senators – 1pm

Stars vs. Coyotes – 3pm

Sharks vs. Oilers – 6pm

Panthers vs. Capitals – 6pm

Flames vs Canucks – 9pm

Jackets vs. Knights – 9pm


Blues vs. Predators – 11:30am

Avalanche vs. Bruins – 2pm

Jets vs. Sabres – 2pm

Hurricanes vs. Devils – 2pm

Wild vs. Islanders – 2pm

Lightning vs. Panthers – 6pm

Maple Leafs vs. Rangers – 6pm

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