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Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight – February 9th

First Screen Viewing

Penguins vs. Stars – 7:30

The league’s hottest team in the Penguins, and not far behind them are the Stars.  You saw how they can close out a game last night, except they’ll try to do it against a much more powerful scoring machine in Pittsburgh. The Pens are 10-4 since the calendar turned, and the Stars aren’t much worse as you heard Foley say last night. Penguins forwards vs. the Stars defense. It’s all your irresistible force cliches in a game that you could want.

Second Screen Viewing

Blues vs. Jets – 7pm

After destroying the Avs last night the Blues punt it up north to see the Jets, a team they’re still clinging around for the division lead. Mark Scheifele is rumored to be making his return tonight, which is kind of scary that the Jets have been able to be this good without him. The Blues have played more games than both the Jets and Preds so if they have plans of sticking around they’re going to have to get awfully hot awfully fast and beat the teams around them. Should be tasty.

Other Games

Red Wings vs. Islanders – 6pm

Flames vs. Rangers – 6pm

Blue Jackets vs. Capitals – 6pm

Kings vs. Panthers – 6:30

Canucks vs. Hurricanes – 6:30

Oilers vs. Ducks – 9pm

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