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Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight – February 28

First Screen Viewing

Leafs vs. Islanders – 6pm

Somehow, the “RETURN” didn’t happen until March is basically upon us, but here we are. In reality, Isles fans have little to complain about. The Isles have been a basketcase organization for most of Tavares’s stay there, and weren’t even going to have their own arena for years at least. JT took this team as far as it would go, and some Trotz-trap inspired goalie play aside, that’s where they are now. And hiring Lou Lamoriello is only going to exacerbate that soon enough, no matter how clean-shaven everyone is. But that won’t stop the Island faithful from booing their lungs out to the point they won’t even be able to sing along with the Billy Joel songs on the car stereo on the way home tonight. Tavares probably just wants this over, but it’s probably worth seeing.

Second Screen Viewing

Canucks vs. Coyotes – 8pm

If you’re still under the impression the Hawks are in a playoff chase, than this is the one tonight to keep an eye on. And really, all you want is for it to end in regulation, which it won’t because no game this time of year does. And I don’t know what both of these teams are doing around the fringes, because they both suck. But here we are, so we might as well play the part.

Other Games

Flyers vs. Blue Jackets – 6pm

Lightning vs. Bruins – 6:30

Oilers vs. Senators – 6:30

Panthers vs. Knights – 9pm

Stars vs. Kings – 9:30

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