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Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight – February 23-24

First Screen Viewing

Hurricanes vs. Stars – Saturday, 4pm

If you’re looking for a game with both teams having something to play for, this is probably the best you’ll do over the weekend. The Canes are now sitting right on the shoulder of both Pittsburgh and Columbus (making Columbus’s “go for it” push pretty hilarious, both for them and the division around them), just one point back. The Stars can’t biff this weekend or they’re going to be stumbling through the mud of the bottom of the West playoff race, and that’s some fine Mississippi mud right there. Put yo’ face in the Mississippi mud. The Canes are one of the more exciting shows going, as they’re up-tempo and having a blast, and they seem to have properly harnessed the stroked-beards and clucked-tongues of the old hockey guard to only have more fun. We kind of need this in the playoffs for a variety of reasons.

Second Screen Viewing

Sharks vs. Jackets – Saturday, 4pm

A lot on the line here as well. As stated, the Jackets are guaranteed nothing, even with the acquisition of Matt Duchene. The Sharks and Flames are locked in a battle to see which goalie can fuck up the most promising of seasons more, as San Jose is now three points behind the Flames in the race for the Pacific and West. They also just tore apart the Penguins, so there’s some mixed messages from them. Duchene in his home debut against the West’s best…outside of the crease.

Other Games


Capitals vs. Sabres – 12pm

Devils vs. Rangers – 12pm

Bruins vs. Blues – 3pm

Kings vs. Panthers – 3pm

Avalanche vs. Predators – 4:30

Canadiens vs. Maple Leafs – 6pm

Penguins vs. Flyers – 7pm

Islanders vs. Canucks – 9pm

Ducks vs. Oilers – 9pm


Rangers vs. Capitals – 11:30 am

Sharks vs. Red Wings – 2pm

Blues vs. Wild – 6pm

Flames vs. Senators – 6pm

Jets vs. Coyotes – 8pm

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