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With the lockout dragging on and on, and showing no sign of stopping any time soon like a bad marriage between two passive-aggressive mutes, I have decided to up the content of our game program, The Committed Indian.

From here until the lockout ends, I’ll be doing a weekly Icehogs update, usually coming out on Tuesdays. If you’re already signed up for a full-season or lockout-filler subscription, you’re good. You’ll be getting these anyway.

If you haven’t, because we’re in the first week of no NHL hockey and we’re all feeling a little depressed, for this week a full season subscription will be on sale for just $50. That gets you all the filler issues — Icehogs and Bears game programs — plus every issue of the real thing when these assholes feel like playing hockey again. We’ll call it “Our Winter Of Discontent Sale.”

And if that’s a bit much for you, you can get all the Filler issues for as long as they run for just $10. Not a bad deal. Just hit the button on the top right of the site there, and roll up for this Magical Mystery Tour.  Or you can use this link right here:

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