If you’re the NHLPA, or any member in it, headlines like this shouldn’t exactly settle well: The smiling faces were real. NHL owners are ecstatic with the players’ decision. Now comes the tricky part. My column from today’s BOG meeting: — Pierre LeBrun (@PierreVLeBrun) September 18, 2019 Now, there may have been a time […]
You thought we were done with this in the winter. But oh no, fucko… REPORT: Rival Executives Believe Cubs Will Listen to Trade Offers for Kris Bryant — Bleacher Nation (@BleacherNation) August 28, 2019 You may remember we went through all this in the offseason, when Theo Epstein said that they would listen […]
Everything Else
You’ve probably heard all the complaints and conspiracy theories about baseball’s offseason. Be it tanking teams, teams that are only “tanking,” collusion, analytic front offices, whatever the cause you might think has led to everyone being quite bored. But if anyone actually paid attention to hockey, or if the players had a union worth a […]
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