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I didn’t have time to get to it yesterday, but this lawsuit from Steve Montador’s family against the NHL should make for interesting viewing, particularly here in Chicago. That is if it were every to get to a courtroom, which I simply can’t fathom it ever will, and neither will the much larger class-action one that 80+ former players are a part of. There’s no way the NHL could have this kind of testimony or evidence out there. The NHL could not absorb a massive award like the NFL can, and the NFL hasn’t even found theirs quite yet.

But what if the Hawks’ medical team, or even coaches, had to testify? Or what if we could see the depositions they might have to give? I would be very curious indeed.

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It’s been a long summer for the IceHogs and their fans after the team missed the playoffs by a mere 2 points to the Milwaukee Admirals in 2012-13. The Hogs finished 9th in the Western Conference with a record of 42-31-2-1 (87 points). The roster turnover will be noticeable this year for Rockford, which is different from last season where the majority of the team was the same from the year before.

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To the surprise of exactly no one with a functioning brain, it’s been announced today that Stan Bowman will use the Hawks’ two “Compliance Buyouts” on Steve Montador and Rusty Olesz.

This will free up some much needed cap room, and these two players were the two obvious choices. But Bowman can’t and won’t stop there.

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Just a quick note. As you’ve probably seen via the Tweets, Jimmy Hayes has been recalled to the Hawks with Steve Montador free and clear to see if he can skate for seven minutes before getting dizzy with the Piggies.

So finally, the Hawks have showed that they do in fact have an internet connection and seen there’s a body that can contribute with the minor league team.

Where does Hayes fit? Hmmm, not sure. He’s been playing center at Rockford, and I suppose I wouldn’t fall on the floor from shock if they stuck him between Kane and Bickell/Stalberg on the 2nd line. But that seems unlikely.

More likely, he goes with Kane and Bolland and keeps the highly functioning 1st line and 3rd line together. Does Hayes solve the Hawks faceoff problems? Nope. Smith would have. But he’s net presence and some size, and hopefully he won’t get knocked around as much as he did in his first go-around.

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