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oldschool vs wildthings

Game Time: 8:30PM Central
TV/Radio: NBCSN, SportsNet (Anglo), TVA2 (Franco), WGN-AM 720
Blood Makes The Blade Holy: Hockey Wilderness

Mark it 2-9 in road Game 3’s now. On Tuesday night the Hawks won their first road game three since 2010 in the second round against Vancouver, and even in that series it was to take a 2-1 series lead. And now for the first time in the Renaissance Era the Hawks have the opportunity to end a series unblemished on opposition ice.

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oldschool at wildthings

Game Time: 7:00PM Central
TV/Radio: NBCSN, CBC (Anglo), TVA (Franco), WGN-AM 720
Raspberry Beret: Hockey Wilderness

With the series now shifting back to the Twin Cities for games 3 and 4, the expectation is that the momentum will naturally shift back to the Wild, given the Hawks’ abysmal record in game 3’s on the road under Joel Quenneville. The only victory in 10 tries has been Game 3 in 2010 in Vancouver, but that doesn’t mean that anything is a foregone conclusion tonight.

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predator vs oldschool

Game Time: 8:30PM Central
TV/Radio: CSN, NBCSN (US), SportsNet (Anglo), TVA3 (Franco), WGN-AM 720
Arrested Development: On The Forecheck

For already the second time in the series, the Hawks have an opportunity to go up two games on the Nashville Predators, this time to push them to the brink. The last time didn’t go so well, but the Hawks are now doing so on home ice where they can dictate the matchups. The key, as always, becomes execution.

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oldschool at predator

Game Time: 7:30PM Central
TV/Radio: CSN, NBCSN (US), SN360 (Canada), WGN-AM 720
Yellow Ice: On The Forecheck

And so it begins. In all reality, tonight is the first night of the last ride of these Chicago Blackhawks as they are presently constituted. With another salary cap doomsday looming along with diminishing production from some veterans, it’s the general consensus that a retooling is nigh. And the Hawks at current are sixteen wins away from making a definitive statement of this era of the National Hockey League before many will part ways. But it has to start with one.

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Hawk Wrestler vs. old_school_blue_l

FACEOFF: 7pm Central

TV/RADIO: CSN Locally, NBCSN not locall, WGN Radio 720


WHERE WE’LL BE FOR IT: A.J. Hudson’s (Ashland and Grace here in the city)

Well, you tell me what we’re going to see tonight. It’s hard to imagine that the Hawks would just lie down for a game against the Blues. But then again it was hard to imagine them waving their hand at the thought of overcoming the Wild at home last out in the 3rd when a single point would at least lock them into 3rd. The Hawks aren’t out of danger of falling into the wild card slots, though it’s not clear if that matter or if they care about it. And I don’t know either.

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jesse ventura vs oldschool

Game Time: 7:30PM Central
TV/Radio: CSN, NBCSN (national), WGN-AM 720
Computer Blue: Hockey Wilderness

While the Hawks first game of consequence in the month of April did not go as planned against the Trailer Park Boys, the Hawks are still in the conversation for home ice provided they get some help while taking care of their own business. And that business involves the Wild tonight, where the Hawks can clinch no worse than the third seed in the Central with a single point.

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old_school_blue_l vs. Hawk Wrestler

FACEOFF: 6:30pm Central



Well it’s a whole St. Louis-Chicago thing tonight, ain’t it? Not that any St. Louis resident will be aware that there’s a hockey game tonight. But there is, and it’s an important one, and this could be the first of up to nine contests between these two teams in the next three weeks. Tasting your lunch again? Thought so.

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War On Ice

Natural Stat Trick

I guess we should just give up on the idea that the Hawks will ever win a regular season game in Philadelphia. They haven’t done so since the Clinton administration (I guess I’m legally obligated to indicate “THE FIRST Clinton administration now). We all would make the trade of that for the one win they got there in June ’10, but really could have used this one as it was one of the games in hand the Hawks had on everyone they’re competing with in the division (and that green and red blob in the rearview isn’t going away). But thanks to another first period where they couldn’t have looked less bothered and a couple nifty tips in the 2nd, it wasn’t to be.

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als beef at pats-homelogo

Game Time: 7:00PM Central
TV/Radio: NBCSN, TVA (Francophone), WGN-AM 720
Where The Hell Are Our Cheesesteaks?: Broad St. Hockey

It has been nearly five years. Five years we have waited on Travis Hughes to make good on the bet from the 2010 Final between our former home at SBN and the above Broad Street; the loser of the series to send the other their city’s respective beef related delicacy. Travis now runs SB Nation’s entire hockey wing. He didn’t like it when in the months after we sent our commenters his direction to wonder why he hasn’t made good on the bet. He may think we have forgotten. We haven’t. Not even close.

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whalers vs oldschool

Game Time: 7:30PM Central
TV/Radio: CSN, WGN-AM 720
Southern Culture On The Skids: Canes Country

With the deadline now passed earlier this afternoon, the Hawks now have their team going forward, at least until Patrick Kane gets healthy. Two of the three Hawks acquisitions will make their debuts tonight against a Carolina fresh off unloading more players in the middle in their seemingly never ending rebuild.