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Sochi Day 4 Roundup

More stuff happened this morning, and now everyone is imbued with patriotism.

Blackhawks Injuries

Still thankfully none, but for some reason Michal Rozsival was a healthy scratch for the Czechs after playing 19 minutes the game previous. Apparently he still needs to be platooned even in this sort of situation.


  • USA 3, Russia 2 (SO) – So it wasn’t Varlamov in net and it wasn’t an embarrassment. And now TJ Oshie is being hailed as an “American Hero”. Yes, this TJ Oshie. I hope you all feel dirty.
  • Switzerland 1, Czech Republic 0 – Please Switzerland, continue to wring Jonas Hiller absolutely dry during these two weeks.
  • Slovenia 3, Slovakia 1 – The Slovaks might even be a bigger garbage fire than their Czech neighbors. Michal Handzus is their #1 center. This isn’t a coincidence.
  • Sweden 5, Latvia 3 – In typical Ted Nolan fashion, his team is pluckier than it should be, but they still suck and lose constantly.

Tomorrow’s Games

  • Austria vs Norway – Olympic Fever, CATCH IT!
  • Russia vs Slovakia – Surely after feeling they got screwed out of a call against the Americans the Russians will find themselves the beneficiaries of a bounty of fortunate calls, as if the Slovaks need any help in bowing out of this tournament shamefully at this point.
  • USA vs Slovenia – If Ryan Miller doesn’t start this game, he’s likely to end up in his room in the athlete dorms listening to Joy Division in the dark.
  • Canada vs Finland – Canada has to play an actual team now. So does Finland.

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