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Sochi Day 3 Roundup

Another day, another round of games that are over by lunchtime here stateside.

Blackhawks Injuries

Once again none, but Patrick Sharp was a healthy scratch for Canada, and Henrik “30 Seconds To Back Injury” Zetterberg has withdrawn from the tournament, seriously hampering an already hobbled Swedish team’s chances.


  • Sweden 1, Switzerland 0 – Pretty predictable result, with the lone marker coming from Daniel Alfredsson.
  • Finland 6, Norway 1 – Clearly the Norwegians are feeling the absence of Tore Vikingstad after his retirement.
  • Czech Republic 4, Latvia 2 – I’m pretty sure it’s Latvian law that every name, first and last, has to end with an s or sh. Like their head coach, Teds Nolans.
  • Canada 6, Austria 0 – Whatever.

Tomorrow’s Games

  • Slovakia vs Slovenia – Yes, these are two different places. And even though the flags are nearly identical, this will probably be the coolest uniform matchup of the tournament.
  • Switzerland vs Czech Republic – The Swiss are well coached and organized and fast, the Czechs are old and weird and a mess, but they have scoring pedigree.
  • Sweden vs Latvia – Should be another walk for the Swedes.
  • US vs Russia – The big one for tomorrow. My lone rooting interest for the entire two weeks is that at some point Semyon Varlamov gets clowned in his home country. Not sure if it getting done by the US or Canada on Russian turf would make it sting more, but I wouldn’t argue with having multiple to pick from.

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