Series Wrap – Sox Lose 3 of 4 to Red Sox: When Fun Turns Into Not Fun

At least the first night was fun, right?  If you didn’t watch another game in this series after Little Nicky Delmonico walked off Ryan Brasier in the 9th inning Thursday night you’d have been so much better off for it. Just when things were kind of sort of looking up, the water went right back to it’s own level. Everything flew off the rails in pretty spectacular fashion, and now somehow the Sox pitching rotation is even worse off than it was before they put Ervin Santana back in the discount aisle where they found him.  There’s a LOT of questions to be answered about this team, and I’m starting to wonder if Ricky Renteria is the guy I want on that wall answering them.



-Let’s get the worst thing out of the way: Carlos Rodon is most likely done for the season and headed to meet Dr James Andrews in the Don Cooper Ward at Our Lady Of The Shredded Elbow Hospital.  He left his start on Wednesday after 3.2 innings not looking right at all.  Turns out he wasn’t, as an MRI later revealed he had bleeding in the muscle tissue in his forearm which is usually an indication of a torn UCL.  It’s really getting kind of ridiculous how badly the health of the young Sox pitching talent has gotten.  If Rodon truly does go under the knife for a Tommy John surgery, that would make him the 5th one under the age of 27 to do so in the last 3 years.  Most of it is probably bad luck, but I can’t help but wonder if something was wrong with Rodon Wednesday, why the hell Renteria threw him back out there in the 4th inning?  I know he’s a bulldog and doesn’t wanna come out of games but Ricky’s job here is to protect these players from themselves.  At any rate, this makes an already grim situation worse as it probably means Dylan “Soft Toss” Covey riding in to take his rotation spot.


-After this series the Sox added onto their league lead for worst ERA by a starting rotation, all the way up to 6.82.  That is hilariously bad.  I can’t remember in my time as a Sox fan watching a rotation this inept at getting people out.  Even the great starts from these guys don’t make it out of the 6th inning, as we saw with Reynaldo Lopez against the Tigers.  Giolito and Lopez have a tendency to nibble at the strike zone instead of attacking it, and Nova couldn’t find it with a fucking GPS.  The bullpen, while not any great shakes to begin with, is horribly overtaxed and results in the type of outings seen today, where a 2-2 tie turns into a 9-2 loss in the span of an inning.  I’m pretty well done with the whole “Coop’ll fix em” mentality, as he hasn’t been able to bring a young starter along since Sale, and he was basically like “fuck you, I’ll do it myself”.  Knowing Jerry Reinsdorf’s mostly misguided loyalty to his guys, Don Cooper isn’t going anywhere soon but maybe he should be.


-Manny Banuelos is going to need some serious therapy after the 3rd inning on Saturday night.  The poor bastard gave up a whopping 9 earned runs on 10 hits in the 3rd as Ricky left him out there to watch the Red Sox lace his offerings off, under and over each outfield fence.  He didn’t even make it out of the inning, and out came former 1st round draft pick Arson Fulmer to hack up another 5 earned in 1/3 of an inning pitched.  What a nice reward to the 30,000+ people in attendance to see such quality major league level pitching.  At least they got an R2-D2 bobblehead to take home with them, so when they look at it they can be reminded of the soothing sound of a baseball traveling at 100+ MPH splashing down in the shitty water feature at the Goose Island Beer Garden.


-Moncada has traded places with Jose Abreu now, as he’s gone from taking what the pitcher gives him to trying to pull everything again.  It’s resulted in a lot of weak contact and K’s, and it might be time to give the kid a day off to clear his head.  Abreu meanwhile has been smoking the ball to all corners of the field, and has found his power stroke.  If there’s one positive to take away from the last 3 games this is probably it.  Yonder Alonso sucks.


-Tim Anderson’s average is down to .333 and everything is terrible.  Look on the bright side, however!  Friend of Manny and OF professional Jon Jay is on an extended spring training so help is on the way!  At the very least it means I won’t have to watch Adam Engel and his wacky Used Car Blowup Man act in the batter’s box much longer.

-Next up is the Tribe, who just took 2 of 3 from Seattle despite getting Banuelos’ed today 10-0.  They haven’t been hitting all that well, but as the BoSox proved today the White Sox rotation is the perfect medicine for that particular illness.

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