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Morning Links 5/1/13

Full Recap: (AP)


Good, Bad and Ugly: (HockeeNight)

Holy Mother of God that was fun: (Chicago Tribune)

The good Ottawa boy is clutch: (Comcast Chicago)

Niklas Backstrom hurt: (PuckDaddy)

Harding played his ass off: (Minny Star Tribune)

Parise and Suter must lead for the Wild to succeed: (CBC)

Scum Jr. takes a 1-0 lead on the Kings: (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Grinding out wins on the first night: (TSN)

As Crosby turns: (SPORTSNET AP)

People with more talent than me explain the history of the chalice:(Visual Capitalist)

Remember where we all come from: (SPORTSNET)


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