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Friday Notes And Bobs And Such

Just a couple quick notes before we all jettison for the weekend, or at least until tomorrow.

-If you believe that the practice lines is how it will shake out in Game 2, and even if it starts this way the blender is going to get hit pretty quickly just as in Game 1, then Q is starting with what he ended with on Wednesday. That’s:





But look for what happened in Game 1. Bickell will get shifts with Toews and Hanzus. Sharp will skate with Bolland at points, and take some of his draws as well. Kane will get some looks with Toews. It’s going to be all over once Bollig gets stapled to the bench.

-Speaking of which, I thought Bollig was quite all right in Game 1. Part of that was because Frolik and Kruger were so active he had only about 10 square feet to cover. But he was in o the forecheck but didn’t get out of line to chase hits, and didn’t commit any dumb penalties. That’s about all I’m asking. Though if Horton is out, the B’s 4th line really shouldn’t be that much to overcome.

-Keith played 48 minutes on Wednesday. Though he’s a physical freak as we all know, let’s keep an eye on how he comes back. Similarly, Chara had 45 minutes and though he’s in just about the same shape as Keith, he is 33 and that’s a lot more to drag around. Though Chara doesn’t have to bail out Seabrook’s dead ass all the time.

-Horton remains day-to-day, but I’m going to be surprised if he makes it to the post for Game 2. If it was bad enough to miss overtime(s) and Julien admits that he couldn’t have played yesterday or today, it’s not the kind of thing that’s just going to get better. As you may have seen, his shoulder has been popping in and out since an April fight with Iginla, and it has to be agony. Maybe he can get shot up to give it a go, but how many hits can he take?

If Horton doesn’t go, Seguin moves to the top line where he looked pretty damn swift in Game 1. He’s a different type of threat, and it’s one that Keith is more equipped to handle, but it won’t make that line suddenly toothless. However, it’ll erode whatever flair they had on their bottom six unless Paille or Peverley or Kelly can emerge from The Phantom Tollbooth, which they haven’t all spring. It’s a definite advantage for the Hawks for sure.

-As for the whole Cubby Tees thing, I think the whole thing is silly and stupid. The adoption of “Boston Strong” is a farce in itself as I wrote about in The Indian’s editorial for Game 1. Anything that references Lance Armstrong needs to be done away with. The bullying of the Chicago Stronger t-shirt was silly too. The fact that we’re back to making fun of each other probably means we’ve moved on and are pretty much healed from the Marathon mayhem. Whatever. It’s not a big deal, but as someone who constantly is toeing the line of decent and insulting, I’m always miffed when someone gets reamed for being edgy.

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