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Beard Of The Day – June 15 – Saul Berenson

Epidode 206

When shit gets all serious and the details surrounding a conflict are so convoluted it takes a diagnosed manic-depressive to sort it all out on a giant corkboard, there are few men with the experience, gravitas, and perspective to address the situation properly. One such man is C.I.A. agent Saul Berenson and his tremendous and rabbinical beard.

Portrayed by one of Chicago’s actual treasured exports to the realm of entertainment (not these Vince Vaughn and John Cusack dispshits), Kenwood Academy alumni Mandy Patinkin, Saul will simply suffer absolutely none of the bureaucratic bullshit that comes with the territory in the world’s most elaborate intelligence agency.

Though both his personal and professional lives are a mess (and are to a certain extent inexorably linked) with his wife leaving him because he’s married to his job, his prized pupil going completely off into orbit, being framed by his boss to keep him quiet, or just the indignity of having to spread peanut butter on saltine crackers with a fucking ruler, Saul always keeps his priorities straight and can sift through all the garbage to get the job done, whether it’s totally above board or not.

And he most certainly has zero problem with telling people to their faces exactly how he feels about them.


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