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Beard of The Day – June 8 – Mick Fleetwood

Mick Fleetwood

In the history of rock and roll, there are few, if any acts with as sordid a tale as Fleetwood Mac. In the eye of the storm throughout the band’s entire iterations and various controversies has been half of their namesake and drummer, the perpetually bearded Mick Fleetwood. And yes, he is always making that face when behind the kit.

There’s absolutely no point to get into the entire chronology of the band. With so many departures and additions (often from the same people joining, leaving, then re-joining), along with countless drug and alcohol problems to fuel every possible manifestation of intra-band romantic couplings and dissolvings, this band is essentially the reason VH1’s Behind The Music needed to exist. When the band wasn’t doing mountains of blow or boning people they shouldn’t, they found time in 1977 to record Rumours, still to this day one of the best selling albums of all time, famously featuring the very tall and very bearded Mick Fleetwood on the cover.

Fleetwood has been the band’s only constant member since 1967 with his angular drumming providing the backbone for the varying styles the band has gone through from jazz fusion, to folk rock, to 80s synth pop. Though he occasionally does get a little help.

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