Live From The Five Hole

It's Baaaaaaaaaaack – Live From The Five Hole 2.0 – Episode 1

Like a mangy dog looking for scraps in the alleyway, we’ve finally come around to recording another one of these things. For some reason there was a bit of a clamor for it, even though it seemed like no one listened to them the first go around. In any event, we’re all back for all of your podcasting delights. Or at least Sam and I are in this episode.

We’re also working on a slightly new format, one that’s a little more guest-intensive, because no one wants to listen to either of us yammer on to each other for an hour straight and not be a paid member of Chicago’s bartending service industry. So this episode will feature:

  • Chris Block of The Third Man In discussing Rockford politics at length.
  • Derek from Fear The Fin on the Sharks’ chances in the West.
  • And Chris Gift of St. Louis Game Time (the publication) gracing Sam with 8 minutes of his attention between innings of a Cardinals spring training game.

We’ll work on getting it back up into iTunes and such, but that requires a bit of vetting and we’ve got to start all over again since we’ve moved down the block. But for now, you can download it here.


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