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Zoot Suit Riot: Blackhawks 4 – Blues 1

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The first period of this game was pretty great, right? It was just about everything you’d want from a rivalry* game. It was two teams going back and forth, trading chances, and somehow the Hawks ended up a goal. The second was actually a boring period where all the animosity and anger left.. until the Blues scored. Then in the third, the Hawks acted like a cat with a mouse. They toyed with it enough to border on torture and then finally put it away. The Blues, as good as they might be (they aren’t really), still seem a step behind from an elite team.


  • *I say rivalry only because it seems NBC makes it seem that way. Whatever game they land on Wednesdays is always a “rivalry” game. Remember that brutal rivalry between the Hurricanes and the Jets? … me either but NBC will make one. At least this game actually fit the bill.
  • So is Rise Against that good? I don’t know. I can’t say I’ve ever actually listened to them… I love this Nirvana cover though..
  • I listened to that link and it made me watch this Ted Leo cover of Tears For Fears, which is also great.
  • Which made me watch this GWAR cover.. and then this one.
  • RIP Oderus – HTTR
  • So, I fall into random cycles of YouTube pretty often. You’re now subject to that. Deal with it.
  • Onto hockey
  • Oh lord, it did not look good for Raanta early on. I’ve never been one to really criticize a goalie because I can’t claim to really know much about how to play that particular position. You’ve got to be in your own world to want to stop shots from some of these guys… but Raanta was way too eager to throw himself all out into the shooting lanes, quite often leaving his net wide open. I’m not going to say the Hawks are screwed until Crow comes back but things are certainly going to get interesting. If you thought Crow needed a leash to his crease… I can’t imagine what you thought about the first two periods tonight.
  • Then again, maybe Niemi would save us all, yeah?
  • So.. did Backes get his revenge? I’m not sure. He certainly got a lot of PIM. He could easily be justified in wanting a fight but I’m not sure he actually did much tonight other than earning his 16
  • If anyone would like to complain about the Kane line right now, I would certainly love to hear your arguments. We’ve been critical of Steeger (or as my phone calls him STEEGER) but with him Kane and Richards, it’s one of the most dangerous lines in the NHL. It doesn’t make sense entirely but it sure seems be racking up points. We’re OK with that.
  • I somehow didn’t realize I had signed up for a fantasy hockey league until two weeks ago. I’ve already got myself into third place. Help me out though… I’m awful at this shit.
  • This game got so out of hand that even the HateCap is pretty tame. That ought to sum it up. The Blues are inferior, I can’t wait til Fatso starts for them.

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