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Your Last Weekend Playoff Primer

In lieu of doing the normal Tonight Gonna Rock You Tonight, we only need to focus on the games that matter. There’s one spot to be sorted in the East, some seeding in the Metro, some seeding in the Central. Let’s run it through.

Eastern Conference

The Jackets are in the veritable catbird’s seat. They have two games to gather the same points as the Canadiens have in their one, so essentially one win or two ties gets the Jackets in. The Canadiens finish with Toronto, who may or may not care, but the game could be moot by the time it starts as Columbus has the Rangers tonight. Columbus could still catch the Hurricanes if they win both of their games and the Canes don’t beat the Flyera tomorrow.

The Canes however can also still catch the Penguins. If the Penguins lose in regulation to the Rangers at home (not likely) and the Hurricanes win they’ll take the tiebreaker. The Penguins in turn can still catch the Islanders, with a win and a regulation loss by the Islanders at the Caps tomorrow.

So that’s the East.

Western Conference

The spots are all settled. The seeding is not.

At the top of the Central, the Predators need only a win of any kind to take the division. If they get one or no points against the Hawks tomorrow, the Jets can take the division with a win in Arizona. The Blues can still do this, somehow, if neither Nashville or Winnipeg win tomorrow and the Blues beat the Canucks at home.

The only other seeding to be solved is the order of the wildcards. The Stars only need one point out of their last two games to secure a date with the Central winner. But should they whiff completely and the Avs beat the Sharks in San Jose tomorrow, they’ll slide up one and leave the Stars with the Flames.

So there you go.

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