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What's This? An Actual Game Preview? You're Serious?: Hogs at Wolves


Puck Drop: 7:00 PM
TV: CN100

You’re fuckin’ eh right it is. I miss doing these, and game posts are what I do best. So I’m going to fucking do one today, and then there’ll be an actual wrap either tonight or in the morning. Hopefully, it’ll remind us why we’re all here in the first place. But then that just might make us angrier that we aren’t doing this regularly. But fuck it. I’m tired of coming up with shit that you don’t even want to really read anyway. And I’m going to swear even more!

What could I possibly be writing about? Why, it’s the Rock River Swine visiting the O’Hare Annex Lupus (I have a fear of Wolves). That’s right, it’s the battle of….Northern Illinois? I guess Peoria is south enough to not be in that category, right? Let’s go with it.

The Bacon Bits come into tonight off another effort in buffoonery last night back in Winnebago County. They were up 3-0 within the opening five minutes. But if you’ve been paying attention, you know exactly how this one went down the fucking tubes. Brandon Saad took a hooking penalty, the Texas Stars cashed in to get some life when they were begging to be have it ended. They added another one before the end of the frame, and suddenly it was a game when it never should have been.

They would get another PP goal early in the 2nd, and then an even-strength scratch to turn the game on its head. Oh sure, Chicken Hawk tied it up before the 2nd intermission, but as you might have guessed, another penalty early in the 3rd would see the Stars get their PP hat trick on and that was that. So yes, the Hogs remain dumb beyond belief, and now unable to wriggle themselves out of it on the kill. The Piggies have surrendered 7 pp goals in their last three games, and that’s on 12 chances.

If you’re heading out to the Rose-Mizon tonight, there are some positive things to look for. As you know by now, Jimmy Hayes has been shifted to center. He’s not taking draws, and struggling with some of the nuances of the position, but it’s worth watching. He scored twice last night. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, both Saad and Jeremy Morin have been on fire lately. And though he’s cooled off a bit, Brandon Pirri was making a bid to at least get a look at the next training camp. So no shortage of forward story-lines.

But the defense and goaltending? Woof. The discipline? Double woof. And Kyle Beach has hardly been the problem! So there should be a decent amount of fireworks for these two, as it’ll be their fourth meeting of the season already.

The Doggies come into this one having lost four of six, though two of those were in extra frame of some kind. They’re level on points with the Hogs. They’re led in scoring by Brett Sterling, who I think we were all immediately annoyed by in October. Zack Kassian is also up there, second in scoring. You might as well practice hating him now, he’s going to be wearing blue and green whenever this bullshit ends.

The game is on some back’ards Comcast channel, CN100 or something. But you might as well head out there, because it’s live hockey with a team you at least know something about and some players you’ll recognize. We’ll be out there, I’ll be giving it the Twitter treatment, and what the fuck?

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