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Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight – Weekend Edition (March 15-17)

First Screen Viewing

Flames vs. Jets – Saturday, 6pm

It’s funny how the top four teams in the West have kind of kept getting right to the ledge of being genuinely great and then trip over their own dick and have to start again. They’ll be involved with each other on Saturday night, which might give us some clarity on the divisions. The Flames can’t get a save from anyone right now, and the Jets can’t either and they don’t play defense so good. They should be running away from the Predators, who have hung around and are a point behind. They’re coming off a relatively easy win over the Bruins last night at least. The Flames could overtake the Sharks as well, even though both Rittich and Smith have provided Cottonelle keeping of late. Still, I’ll be dead in the cold, cold ground before I recognize the Knights, so here’s two of the four who matter in the West.

Second Screen Viewing

Predators vs. Sharks – Saturday, 9:30

And the other halves of the divisional discussion play on the same night. Speaking of not getting saves, here’s San Jose somehow coughing up a game at home to the Panthers. This was after a buzzer-beater win in Winnipeg, so I guess we can excuse them for being lightly focused. They remain a point ahead of the Flames in a truly startling race between teams with no goalies. You might never see this again. It’s also not been smooth sailing for the Preds, who people are finally figuring out might just be a one-line team with an abhorrent power play depending on a 36-year-old goalie with a .901 SV% since December 1st. They’re 16-12-3 since the turn of the year, which is about a 92-point pace, which is…fine? Ok? Not all that great? Anyway, they can still claim the Central crown if they get it together here soon, Grouch.

Other Games


Flyers vs. Maple Leafs – 6pm

Hurricanes vs. Blue Jackets – 6pm

Knights vs. Stars – 7pm

Ducks vs. Avalanche – 8pm

Rangers vs. Flames – 8pm

Devils vs. Canucks – 9pm


Blues vs. Penguins – 12pm

Islanders vs. Red Wings – 12pm

Panthers vs. Kings – 3pm

Blue Jackets vs. Bruins – 6pm

Maple Leafs vs. Senators – 6pm

Capitals vs. Lighting – 6pm

Sabres vs. Hurricanes – 6pm

Rangers vs. Wild – 7pm

Oilers vs. Coyotes – 9pm


Devils vs. Avalanche – 2pm

Blues vs. Sabres – 4pm

Islanders vs. Wild – 5pm

Canucks vs. Stars – 6pm

Flyers vs. Penguins – 6:30

Panthers vs. Ducks – 8pm

Oilers vs Knights – 9pm


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