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Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight – March 12th

First Screen Viewing

Sharks vs. Jets – 7pm

This is your conference final preview, as far as I’m concerned. Both can open up some space on their pursuers, as the Sharks are one point up on the Flames and the Jets are one up with two games in hand on the Preds. What are the odds they both do? Pretty good because that’s how these things work! Yeah, the Jets have been defensively wonky and getting by because Blake Wheeler is awesome and their depth. But Laine is waking up, and Hellebuyck is very slowly starting to, and they’re the class. The Sharks have won five in a row without Karlsson, and Jones has given up six goals in his last four starts. They really are better than everyone else in the conference, and this is just about the time they show it. Second of a back-to-back might have them a little charred, but you’ll be seeing this again.

Second Screen Viewing

Bruins vs. Blue Jackets – 6pm

If you’re chasing a playoff spot, you don’t want to get shutout as the Jackets did last night. And you don’t want to turn around and face the Bruins who didn’t play and have lost like three games in regulation this decade or something stupid. No, I don’t think the Bruins are that good, but they’re good enough to make life harder on the Jackets, whose margin for error is getting smaller and smaller (even the Flyera are appearing in the rearview). They’re the biggest story in the league, really. You can’t help but watch.

Other Games

Stars vs. Sabres – 6pm

Capitals vs. Penguins – 6pm

Red Wings vs. Canadiens – 6:30

Coyotes vs. Blues – 7pm

Devils vs. Flames – 8pm

Predators vs. Ducks – 9:00

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