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Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight – February 6th

First Screen Viewing

Vegas vs. Pittsburgh – 6pm

I guess it’s time we take them seriously. They’re not going anywhere. They’re going to be annoying and stay there. It’ll be quite the emotional night in The Burgh as Marc-Andre Fleury returns for the first time to see the team that replaced him. He had a major hand in two rings and played a bit part in a third. Ever see a horse cry? You will tonight. Given the speed with Vegas tries to get up and down, and how they basically took that from the Penguins, this one’s going to be frantic.

Second Screen Viewing

Wild vs. Blues – 7pm

This one concerns the Hawks, though you may have forgotten the Blues are still a team in the division given that they’ve only played that Hawks once and that was in October. The Wild are a team that has to be caught, so Hawks fans find themselves in the unusual spot of having to hope the Blues take this one in regulation before the Hawks can get their own dent in the Wild on Saturday.

Other Games

Ducks vs. Sabres – 6pm

Flyers vs. Hurricanes – 6pm

Capitals vs. Blue Jackets – 6pm

Devils vs. Senators – 6:30

Bruins vs. Red Wings – 6:30

Canucks vs. Panthers – 6:30

Coyotes vs. Jets – 7pm

Sharks vs. Avalanche – 8pm

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