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Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight – February 19th

First Screen Viewing

Maple Leafs vs. Blues – 7pm

And this one’s actually on NBCSN, because it’s that monthly time where they remember there are teams in Canada and most of them are interesting (even when they’re bad, hi Edmonton!). It’ll also showcase the league’s hottest team in the Blues, who unlike some teams are getting wins and genuinely earning them. Sure, they’re getting goaltending for the first time since 1987 or whatever, and most of it is Ryan O’Reilly and Taraenko going the fuck off, but their metrics are as solid as you’ll find. And during this streak they’ve clipped the Preds twice, the Lightning in Tampa, and Columbus. The Leafs have fallen behind the Bruins mostly through inaction, as they trail by three points with two games in hand. They’ll think home ice is the difference. A Blues game actually worth watching, if you can believe it.

Second Screen Viewing

Predators vs. Stars – 7:30

This one is a bit strange, in that it’s about two teams looking below them instead of ahead of them. The Preds may think they’re comfortable, and still can claim to have sights on Winnipeg. But they trail by three having played two more games, and all of he sudden the Blues are visible in the rearview, trailing by six but having three games in hand and playing way better at the moment. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that the Preds would play Game 1 on the road. That’s what happens when you only have Filip Forsberg and Viktor Arvidsson who can score consistently as a forward. The Stars can’t seem to get out of a stall for more than a game or two, and they’re only four points ahead of the Homer Simpson sperm that is trying to dumbass their way into the playoffs. If they don’t put a small streak together they could get drawn into the deepest of mucks as well, which will cause their CEO to swear some more about the only two players they have.

Other Games

Sabres vs. Panthers – 6pm

Penguins vs. Devils – 6pm

Lightning vs Flyers – 6pm

Rangers vs. Hurricanes – 6pm

Blue Jackets vs. Canadiens – 6:30

Ducks vs. Wild – 7pm

Coyotes vs. Oilers – 8pm

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