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Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight – December 19th

First Screen Viewing

Jets v. Predators – 7pm

With the Jets suddenly in the targeting area and the Hawks about to find a shooting solution on them, this one seems pretty important. The Hawks have a game in hand on the Jets and are four points back. Get dinged in Music City and suddenly the Men of Four Feathers are going to get awfully big in the rearview mirror (HEY BUDDY!). The Predators are rolling these days, and look to be the class of the West and even though the Blues are tied with them in the standings I’m not sure it’s close as to who is better. Seeing as how the Preds have three games in hand on the Blues, you can see why. They’ve won six of their last seven, and somehow their one loss was to Vegas, though that was in a shootout. If the Jets still have designs of running with the big dogs, and it would be adorable if they do, they kind of need this. Lose in reg, and it’s a five point gap with the Preds having two games in hand. That’s kind of a massive gap.

Second Screen Viewing

Capitals v. Stars – 7:30

The Stars are a point behind the Hawks, but things haven’t really clicked yet as you have a roster designed for high-event hockey with a coach who couldn’t be more allergic to that. They’ve been ok, but the goaltending isn’t holding up and you could see the floor drop on it. The Caps have no such problems, as they’ve been on fire can’t can’t stop getting rubber into twine (HEY BUDDY!). Everyone is scoring on this team, and Ovie might be headed for 50 again. The past couple years we would have marked this as a potential 4×400. That would cause Hitchcock to choke on his two-pound cheeseburger, so we won’t get that. But we will get some intrigue.

Other games

Red Wings v. Islanders – 6pm

Ducks vs. Rangers – 6pm

Wild v. Senators – 6pm

Bruins v. Sabres – 6:30

Panthers v. Coyotes – 8pm

Canadiens v. Canucks – 9pm

Lightning v. Knights – 9pm

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