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Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight – December 14

First Screen Viewing

Capitals vs. Hurricanes – 6:30

It’s a pretty weak slate in the NHL tonight, so this will have to do. Carolina continues to be the whiskey dick of the league, willing and seemingly able but never quite getting going. They lost last night and their playoff push window is going to start to winnow soon. The Caps are up near the top of the division, because someone has to be and Alex Ovechkin is a national treasure.

Second Screen Viewing

Bruins vs. Penguins – 6pm

The Penguins are in trouble. I don’t think this is just their normal slow start, because that defense and bottom six is weak. They’ll have the soft landing of the Metro to keep them in the playoff hunt, unless Carolina ever gets its act together, Which it won’t. The Bruins are the opposite, having every obstacle put in their way and yet they keep moving along. They’re not going to catch Tampa and Toronto is quickly getting out of site, but thanks to the Metro’s balloon-handed nature the Atlantic should get five in.

Other Games

Knights vs. Devils – 6pm

Coyotes vs. Rangers – 6pm

Senators vs. Red Wings – 6:30

Avalanche vs. Blues – 7pm

Flyers vs. Oilers – 8pm

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