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The McDonough Before The Storm

We enter upon Convention weekend, and after a deep run like the Hawks just had it seems like they’re starting another party before the last one has even ended. But they probably want to give these guys a full six weeks out of town or whatever. But with the convention starting, that means it’s time for John McDonough to put on his full court press. And he hasn’t disappointed again this season.

There are a host of reasons that David Haugh could have turned himself into the latest columnist/patsy with his Duncan Keith… I don’t know, expose? I suppose that Keith could have called him out of the blue to explain why he won’t be there this weekend. But given Keith’s wariness of the press and with everything else, that seems highly unlikely. I suppose Haugh could have found out Keith won’t be there and went to find out why, but again that doesn’t seem all that likely.

I’m not sure why the Hawks couldn’t have just announced that Keith would not be attending this convention due to a personal matter and left it at that. While some adult autograph seekers would have stamped their feet about it, any rational person would have barely made a noise and moved on with their lives. After all, it’s not really any of our business.

But now, we get the full story about Keith’s divorce, which has been known in Hawks circles for a while. And it’s really rare that you get this sort of thing. I’m having a hard time remembering other athletes who get their divorces spilled out in the papers, other than when it goes to court and some sensational details are for the public record (Hi there, Michael Strahan or Tiki Barber! Must be a New York thing). I can hardly recall an athlete doing the spilling himself.

(I think my favorite divorce story is Daren Daulton who was married to the original Hooters girl, and then had to take batting practice at the Phils’s spring training facility with a giant billboard of her outside left field staring at him after their divorce. Rough justice, that).

Again, this really shouldn’t be anybody’s business but Keith’s, his ex’s, and his son’s. I think the best part is where Haugh write about it and then two sentences later talks about the unfounded rumors during the season. Are you even listening to yourself, David?

Again, despite what a lot of people seem to think, I don’t care about it. Most of you don’t either. So why this splash? And the Hawks can’t have it both ways where they can put this out there, push the lives outside of the rink of their players onto their webpage and whatnot, and then get all huffy when other stuff they didn’t put out there also becomes news.

Obviously, this isn’t the kind of thing you want being asked during the season, but why put it out there at all? After Sharp’s gone? Distracting from the rough offseason? Really feel the need to explain Keith’s absence at the convention? Worried that his absence would cause a “KEITH’S BEING TRADED!” panic? What’s a good answer?

We certainly don’t need to make Keith any more heroic after that playoff run. I just find the whole thing confusing, even knowing whose fingerprints are all over it.

-If you’re going to the convention, it would be cool to get another important moment like we got last year when Casey Runthade (@Raedances) asked McD and the rest about their use of the Ice Crew and had them stammering all over themselves. This was probably the first important moment in the convention’s history.

I know it’s hard to get the mic in these things, but every year we ask if anyone can so much as get them to admit the ice surface at the UC is a problem. We’ve given up on solutions to that, we just want an admittance that for a team built on its skill and speed that often its surface lets them down. If MSG can greatly improve its playing surface, and similar climate/heavily used buildings like the ACC in Toronto or whatever the one in Philly is called now or even San Jose that don’t have these complaints, so can the UC.

Though if you want to go to the Hull Bros. panel and ask Bobby about beating the shit out of multiple women, I’ll buy you many beers.

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