Everything Else

Ok kids, took a little while to get it together but it’s ready. And things are going to work a little differently so let me walk you through it.

If you bought a season subscription to The Indian, you get the digital version of the Commemorative with it. No worries there. However, if you want a physical copy of it mailed to you, that’s gonna be $5.

We’re doing something new this time, and that’s we’re selling all three Commemorative issues together, both digitally and by mail. If you just want the PDFs, that’s also $5. If you want all three mailed to you in one neat little package, that’s going to be $12.

It’s an All-Star cast, with Andrew Cieslak, Fifth Feather, McClure, Mighty Mike D, Forklift, and James Neveau. It’s the perfect last splash of hot sauce on your championship pizza.

So get on in here and get whatever version you’d like!  Do It, HIT THE BUTTON!

Everything Else

It was five years ago tonight, thought it seems so much longer, and in fact in about an hour and a half it’ll be to the minute when the Blackhawks franchise and fandom was truly reborn. At least it was to me.

If you were there, you remember. It was December 23rd, 2007. It was a bitterly cold Sunday, and the Bears had won a pretty terrible football game earlier in the day, just as they have today. One of those Chicago winter nights where the wind felt like it was tearing off your skin.