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Moving onto the forwards, Artemi Panarin is the biggest wild card of the recent influx of Russians to the Hawks, who have not had a Russian forward in nearly 8 years after Sergei Samsonov (remember him?) was dealt to Carolina. Panarin will undoubtedly be labeled an highly skilled, an enigma, a malcontent, lazy, or all of the above because that’s just the way it works with Russians in the NHL. But with Patrick Sharp and Brandon Saad now gone, there’s a real opportunity for Panarin to make some noise on the left side.

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With yesterday’s news that the Hawks have signed their 2012 first round pick Teuvo Teravainen to his entry level deal, both the franchise and the player are presented with some interesting options. The contract clock hasn’t started to tick yet, but the unwashed masses of Blackhawk Nation (including this site) are more than a little excited at what the future holds for the shifty Finn, and have been since he unexpectedly fell into Stan Bowman’s lap last June at the Entry Draft.

Because both the current roster and farm system are relatively stocked with talent, the Hawks have some options, which it’s now realistic to examine.

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