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I’m sure this will be overblown:Chicago Tribune

I’d bet the over:WGN

Next up The Human Shield? Blackhawk Up

This will be a common question:SCH

This made my head explode more from confusion than outright anger:SunTimes

This will be CarBomb’s Legacy and I for one am damn proud:Globe&Mail

Finally good news:NHL

Hard-Working Devil:PuckDaddy

Even with Sid, I don’t see the ROI:TSN

I’m assuming people will have an issue with this:Sportsnet


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It wasn’t the prettiest of road trips but somehow the Hawks head back to Chicago with 8 points and a 4-3-0 record for their last extended road trip of the season. This victory couldn’t have come at a better time for the Hawks. They’re pulling away from the Jets and closing the gap on the Blues/Preds. Now the Hawks will get 8 in a row at the UC against a few softball opponents and a few that should provide a good gauge on just where the Hawks are in the league.

Everything Else

In tonight’s Indian, as I listed the things that were not totally up to snuff through the first half of the season, I wondered if it was going to matter if it all. Maybe the Hawks had just fallen down the rabbit hole, and logic and reason and anything that made sense was simply not going to make a difference any more.

Well, here’s tonight for you. Phil Collins would probably tell you there’s something in the air.