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Keep the line movin’ again…

what do you see as the single biggest obstacle to the Hawks repeating? – Mighty Mike D

Fatigue. That sounds arrogant, but honestly with the shortened offseason, the Olympics, and the general toll that playoff run takes on a team, it’s hard to envision anyone navigating it unless you’re a super team. Realignment softens the blow, because the Hawks aren’t going to have to scrape for a playoff spot this time (I hope) and probably can manage the division pretty easily unless the Blues don’t fall apart (which I still think they will). Other than that, the Kings will still be waiting.

Everything Else

I’ll answer as many of these as I can before I pass out. Pick up where I left off tomorrow. Let’s kick this pig, Captain Dodge! Leave her squealin’ from the feelin’!

This may be a toughie: All time favorite bar in Chicago?
…and maybe a little less tough: All time LEAST favorite bar in Chicago. -fromheretoinfirmay

That is a toughie. I live at the Huttenbar here in Lincoln Square, but that’s too easy. Jake’s in Lincoln Park used to be a blast, but isn’t quite the same these days. Map Room during the week is a good time, but not on weekends. Let’s go with the Long Room, only because the guys who own it are the balls.

Worst? Barleycorn. It might not even be close.