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Ask Us Anything – Answers (Pt. 2)

Keep the line movin’ again…

what do you see as the single biggest obstacle to the Hawks repeating? – Mighty Mike D

Fatigue. That sounds arrogant, but honestly with the shortened offseason, the Olympics, and the general toll that playoff run takes on a team, it’s hard to envision anyone navigating it unless you’re a super team. Realignment softens the blow, because the Hawks aren’t going to have to scrape for a playoff spot this time (I hope) and probably can manage the division pretty easily unless the Blues don’t fall apart (which I still think they will). Other than that, the Kings will still be waiting.

How’d your week go? -Chris Dubiel

Not bad. Played golf for the first time in over a year. Enjoyed it immensely, just wish it wasn’t such an expensive habit. You?

Also what’s the deal with the committed indians website that also exists? – Bannerman

We don’t like to address it much. It’s run by a sloth who can type named Tab Bamford and though I’ll never prove it, pretty sure he was ripping us off. Whatever. If you like your hockey writing labotomized, there you go.

Do you think Coach Q and Tim Sassone’s mustaches hang out together? If so, what do they talk about? -Hmmmmm

I think Sassone’s mustache hangs out with some part of Q, but not his mustache.

Podcast? – Mike Delira

Coming back right before the season, and that’s a promise. Look, here’s the deal with the podcast. At the end of the 11-12 season we decided we wanted to try and do it live, but not like with three phones because that doesn’t sound all that good. We wanted everyone to be able to participate in real time via Twitter and maybe IM, we just haven’t found a way to do that yet but we’re close. Also, it’s McClure’s baby and can be time consuming and his real job really started eating up his time. Killion’s schedule also kind of bounces all over the place, so it was hard to find a time for the three of us to get together. However it’s done, Live From The Five Hole will be back this season, even if it’s just me talking to myself on a google hangout or something.

Given the changes in personnel over the summer, who would you put on the PK units and do you think the change in personnel requires a change in PK strategy? – Flipper76

I think you’ll see Ben Smith getting a lot of time, and hopefully Marian Hossa off of it until at least March to save his legs. Wouldn’t be shocked if Morin sees some time there too. Basically Kruger-Smith, Toews-Hossa/Sharp, Shaw/Saad. Something like that.

Given that you know “people” in the biz, can you find out what REALLY happened with the Stalberg situation in the playoffs? And tell us?
And did the Hawks waste an opportunity by not developing Stals into a better player? (His speed with some discipline could be AMAZING!) – Preacher

I actually already think Stalberg is a very effective player, at least in the regular season. I think what you saw last year is about his ceiling. But we don’t know anyone who knows, really.

Will Canada’s gold at the Olympics create discord in the locker room? – I am not Chico Maki

I don’t think the players care that much about curling.

Do players request music during warm ups at the UC? if so who probably asks for Nine Inch Nails and Pearl Jam? – Derlemke

Almost certainly Keith.

Why is it that your dad is your “old man” but your wife is your “old lady”? – Face of Boe

Because women are more deserving of respect, duh. And because if she’s your wife, chances are she’s had or is about to have your kids, which ages women roughly 137 years per normal year. Which is why you shouldn’t have kids.

why is it an out if you make the catch but over the fence/ wall and it carries you over? This has happened at least 3 times in the last month with no explanation. – G Man

I believe, but am not positive, that as long as you haven’t climbed the fence and then established position outside of it you’re still considered “in play.” That if your leap starts from in the field, you’re in the field and it doesn’t matter where you end up.

Worf vs. Chewbacca? – Corbant

As awesome as Wort is, he’s not eight feet tall. And Klingons have too many codes.

Will Toews and Kane sign 8 year deals year after next? -Research Analysis

I’m going to guess no. If they signed five year deals, they could come up again for free agency at the age of 31 or 32, and you can cash in again then even though you’re past your peak. Considering where the financial landscape of the NHL could be by then, who knows? Then again, they might want to lock in their salary past the next lockout, so watch for that.

Where does Doug Stanhope rate in your comedic rankings? He is compared to Bill Hicks sometimes, although he denies direct influence. He also appeared in The Aristocrats. His wasn’t the best or most disgusting take on that old joke–Gilbert Gottfried and Bob Saget hold those distinctions–but it was memorable. – 1benmenno

To be honest I haven’t seen that much. What I’ve seen I’ve liked in short doses but gets a bit intense. Prefer a little more nuance at times.

Do you watch Breaking Bad? And if not… why the FUCK not? – DontToewsMeBro

I have no answer for that. I’m going to get to it soon I promise.




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