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When The Spigot Gets Turned On/Kompon Out

I’m loathe to go off “internet rumors” again for fear that Barstool Sports will pelt me with more of their misogynist crap because they’re real journalists, but it’s the summer and we’re left to feed on scraps. There’s been a lot of chatter the past couple days that the Kane and Toews extensions are close to being polished off. The combined number I’ve seen a few times is 21.8 million for both, or 10.9 for each. The whole debate of whether they have to get the same contract is one for another time, because they’re going to. I haven’t seen what the term would be. I’ve always thought they didn’t have too much incentive to sign a long-term deal. If they both signed for five or six years they could hit free agency in their early 30s and get another payday. But no one would complain if they sign up for life, obviously.

So is that about right? Definitely feels on the high side, but let’s try and find some comps.  I suppose when Sidney Crosby has to call Toews to see if it’s ok that he’s the Canadian captain, he’s the first one you think of. Kane and Toews can’t sign the long-term deal to even out the AAV like Crosby did, because the rules of changed. Crosby signed a 12-year, $104 million deal starting last season. It pays him $12 million in salary last year, this upcoming one and the one after that before dropping to $10.9. While it’s fun to say that Toews is better than Crosby and point out he’s got more rings, he isn’t really. Still, Kane and Toews at $10.9 with Crosby at $12 sounds about right. And Crosby drops to that 10.9 figure when he turns 29, just about the end of his peak years, while Toews will be 27, still right in the middle of his peak. Kane will be 26, so you could argue that if Crosby suffers any decline at 30-31 and Kane and Toews maintain their level at 28 and 29, they should be making the same amount of money.

They’ll both make more than Ovechkin, who makes $10 flat. But you’re obviously paying for postseason production and prestige, which Ovie simply can’t boast. And really, it’s hard to know who else to compare them to. Getzlaf and Perry? Their salaries eventually rise to $10 million for Perry and $9.2 for Getzlaf. I think during the regular season you could make an argument their nearly equal players. But again the playoff pedigree comes in, as since their second year Perry and Getzlaf haven’t been past the 2nd round, and haven’t been all that good in the postseason either.

I guess where your eyes hurt is seeing that Kopitar only makes $7.5 his year and next, but you can be sure he’s looking at these contracts and his eyes are probably getting awfully wide.

Where does that leave the Hawks? That 21.8 figure would have them under the cap for next year, that ol’ tagging rule in effect again. But only just. They’d be at $65 and with Saad, Leddy, and Kruger all needing new deals. Something has to give here, it’s kind of a shock that it hasn’t already.

-In other news, Jamie Kompon is leaving to take over as coach and GM of Portland in the WHL. You may rejoice and think the Hawks’ power play has a chance of doing anything in the spring again, but don’t worry that Q will get to hire another stooge of his.

It’s an interesting watch in that the last time Q hired an assistant, that’s where some of the Stan and Q trouble exhibited itself. On good authority, after the 2012 exit to the Coyotes, a lot of players made it clear to Stan they wanted Mike Kitchen launched into the sun. When Stan broached this with the higher ups, McD made it known that the Hawks would have a clear line of authority, in that owner hires GM, GM hires coach, coach hires assistants. Which is how it should be. So Q was allowed to make the change, which led to Mike Haviland’s axing and the hiring of Kompon.

One has to figure that will be the case here. Marc Crawford is a name you might hear, though once you let him in the door he’s probably gunning for Q’s job. Tony Granato might be another, and Pittsburgh’s special teams were always top of the league. John Torchetti could make a return. Maybe even Haviland? I don’t know that it really matters. These aren’t coordinators in football.

The Ombudsman had a suggestion: Hire Olczyk as an assistant and replace Eddie O in the booth with Drew Remenda. That way we all win. Except the Hawks’ power play.


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