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Shake It, Shake It, Piggery: Committed Indian Roadwatch This Thursday At The Piggery

It’s been too long since we’ve come out to see you all. So let’s do that. This Thursday for the Hawks-Jets game, we will be trying out a new venue for our famous roadwatch, The Piggery on Irving (never Irving Park) and Ashland. They’re real excited to have us, we’re really excited to go there, everyone’s happy!

If you’ve been there before or after their little trouble with flames, you’ll know the food is outstanding. They’ll have $15 buckets of 312 and $5 burgers on Thursday, so it can be affordable to stuff yourself and get loaded with us. I’ll be the one in the Patrick Sharp Vermont jersey. Killion will be the one I’m hitting with a fish.

Also, The Piggery has a signed Patrick Sharp jersey they’ll be raffling off, so you might even win something other than whatever disease you probably will catch by being around us and our readers.

Join us, won’t you?

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