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Blame It On The Rain: Blackhawks 5 – Sha-arks 1

I don’t like Nashville. The city is just fine, the people are nice and the barbecue is amazing. But when the Hawks get blown out there, it always makes me think back a few years ago when a group of us all went down there to watch the Hawks lose, sparking a full month before the Hawks would gain two points in a game. Bad memories.

Thankfully, we aren’t going to have to suffer through that again as the Hawks rebounded damn near flawlessly against one of the better teams in the league. It’s already the morning after (sorry about that) so let’s jump right to the bullets.


  • I wouldn’t exactly call the game a blow out – it was only a one-goal game after two periods – but it wasn’t looking like the Sharks were ever really a threat. It was the end of their road trip and maybe they were hoping the Hawks would be a bit more lethargic coming into their second game in two nights. That certainly wasn’t the case though. The Hawks seemed to win every board battle and loose puck. While the Sharks are certainly a team that’s capable of keeping up with the speed of the Hawks, they just weren’t there last night.
  • A goal and an assist, that’ll do just fine there Steeger. Welcome back. With Hossa still out, Verbeauty spent most of his time on a line with Pirri and Kane and certainly didn’t look out of place.
  • Does any coach love playing defensemen as forwards more than Q? Brookbank once again lined up with Bicks and Shaw but it was a blink and you’ll miss him kind of night. Steegs is likely to take over this role when Hoss returns. That kind of talent on the third line makes me giggle a little bit. At the very least they’ll make it entertaining.
  • Where did that pass from Kruger to Sharp come from? More of that please.
  • I didn’t actually see any of Saturday’s game but my understanding is that neither goalie was all that great. So it’s nice to see Crawford have a solid outing immediately after, even if that one goal was pretty weird.
  • Sharp finally scores a penalty shot goal – because I told my friend I was sitting with that he’s not very good at them. Way to make me look smart.
  • Brandon Pirri is certainly becoming a thing, isn’t he? Hertl is still the early favorite to win the Calder but he’s coming back down to earth, meanwhile, Pirri has 5 points in the last 4 games.
  •  We won’t get to see the Hawks in the UC til next month, so this was a nice way to send them off. Enjoy your circus trip everyone.

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