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Most Peculiar Mama: Flames 2 – Hawks 1 (OT)

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War On Ice

Well, that was strange. Seems like the Hawks have this game once or twice a year, where they put up a pornagraphic number of shots but don’t break through, give up a sucker punch, scramble to tie it, and then lose in OT or a shootout (or sometimes they don’t even tie it) I guess it’s good they got this one out of the way early?

Even though the Hawks tossed 50 shots at Jonas Hiller, it doesn’t feel like he had to stand on his head to keep them to one goal. Sure, he made some big saves here and there but I don’t recall too many miraculous ones. At the same time, I don’t feel like the Hawks didn’t have enough people in front or battling for rebounds. They were all just tied up, which the Flames did really well. Seemed like just about everything was in his pads or chest or they couldn’t remember he caught with his right hand. Still, play this game this way again and the Hawks win 5-1.

Definitely in the 2nd, and at times in the 1st, the Hawks were guilty of trying to walk the puck in. Shots were turned down for centering passes to guys who were already covered. Sometimes those passes were there and they simply blew it (hi Gorilla Salad!) Sometimes it just bounced away. Thanks UC ice. I think in the end it’s just one of those nights.

I don’t know that there’s a whole lot of bullets to get through, but we’ll try.


The Two Obs

-Duncan Keith, 27 minutes. Yes, overtime. Yes, seven power plays, so it’s probably a little better than the 29 minutes he’s gotten in the first two games. But it has to stop. And Michal Rozsival returning to the lineup Saturday is not an answer. This drivel that Rozie can play 65+ games is laughable, and Q is going to have to find a way to parse out the ice time better than this. And those pairs in practice with Rozsival don’t make any sense (if you didn’t see, 2-32, 7-27, 4-57). Who does what in that scenario?

-At this point, the treatment of Morin is just farce. But then again, Ben Smith went through this last year. You forget that Smith was a healthy scratch once or twice early last year, and then became a cog. That’s my only hope now, because I honestly don’t know what it is he doesn’t do. I know having him out there regularly is probably a better idea than your top six all skating over 20 minutes in a game in October vs. the fucking Flames. That’s right, THE ENTIRE TOP SIX WAS OVER 20 MINUTES!

-For the winning goal, with TJ Brodie the only Flame across the red line initially, Brent Seabrook for some reason was hanging out, asking Crow if he could bum a smoke. There was no other threat, and certainly not one that should have pushed Seabrook so far back. When the puck squirted to Backlund, his gap was far too big which allowed Backlund to let rip from basically just on top of the circles. It’s not fair, because other than that Seabrook had a good game. But that’s just not good enough.

-I’ll give this to Gorilla Salad, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 90% Corsi% for a game before.

– I know the power play only went 1-for-7 and you could certainly argue that cost the game, but I really like the movement I’m seeing. It’s been a small adjustment, but it looks like Toews on the first unit, and Hossa on the 2nd, have basically been given a rover role. You see Toews pop up all over, not just buried in the corner. He starts there, but ends up in front, in the high slot, up top, and everywhere in between. I think before too long it’s going to really create fireworks, once he and Hossa figure out how to consistently pop up where no one’s expecting. Even just getting penalty killers turning their heads looking for them is a step in the right direction.

So much for that one. Move it on to the next one.

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